Ever thought you need some design help and don’t know where to start?



Firstly, check out these questions:-

Do you have some amazing ideas that you need to turn into reality?

Do you need someone to lead, direct and design your product range?

Maybe you need someone to help you think outside the box and offer innovative design solutions?

Perhaps you require an illustrator or CAD artist?

Are you in the licensing business and need to create licensed product ranges?

Does your workload mean you keep putting off your plans for growth and success?

Maybe you need extra help now and again and would love to have access to a freelancer on an ad-hoc basis?

Or a fresh pair of eyes, to encourage new and repeat custom?

Do you need someone based in the UK to design for and manage your UK customer accounts?

Perhaps you haven’t got a budget to hire a full time designer?

You need some quick ideas sketched up?

Maybe you don’t even know where to begin?

If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the below, it would be worth your while just talking about your idea with me. Sometimes just verbalising your goals and aspirations will help guide you through to the next phase of what you need to do.

Don’t drag your ‘heels’! Just start….by taking steps towards your vision.

Call me on my direct line 00 44 (0) 1484 35 22 13 or mobile 00 44 (0) 7905 92 25 59

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